Erin Explores

by Erin Elaine

Isle of Lewis, Scotland (July 2017)


They pack cars on to the ferry like sardines. The lady in pink barely got out of that blue car. The raised gangplank was a millimeter from the grey van’s bumper. And all of them had car alarms blaring for the whole crossing.

Stornoway – quite an odd town. A lot of restaurants were closed at dinner time on Friday and Saturday nights. The few restaurants that *were* open had super long waits due to the increased demand.

Blackhouses traditionally didn’t have chimneys – the peat smoke would simply find its way out through tiny air pockets in the thatch roofs. As this museum is for tourists and they don’t want us to suffocate, they installed chimneys.

Port of Ness – northernmost point of the island, very dramatic and beautiful seaside cliffs.

Delicious lunch of hot coco and fish pie

Dun Carloway – built around 2,000 years ago! Amazing dwellings built without mortar.

Callanish Stones – Being here was exciting, a little eerie, and absolutely magical. So many unanswered questions, and countless questions we haven’t even thought to ask.




And that’s a wrap for Scotland!


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