Erin Explores

by Erin Elaine

Tomatin Distillery, Scotland (July 2017)

Because I really enjoy whiskey, (spelled whisky in Scotland) I wanted to visit a distillery in Scotland. The Tomatin Distillery, est. 1897, was conveniently located just 20 minutes south of Inverness – good thing I rented a car!

A lot of people think of scotch whisky as having a distinctive smoke flavor, from peat. Traditionally, whiskies from the region of Islay are the peated ones Ron Swanson prefers, but distilleries outside that region have recently begun to offer one or two peated varieties.

To be considered scotch whisky, it must be aged at least 3 years in a pre-used barrel. Most of their barrels come from bourbon makers in the U.S., as bourbon is typically made in virgin barrels. Scotch can also be made in sherry barrels, vodka, rum, wine, etc. My favorite room was probably the barrel room (bottom left) as it smelled so good!

A collection of their oldest barrels. The very oldest was about 70 years old!

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