Erin Explores

by Erin Elaine

Loch Lomond, Scotland (July 2017)

I got really lucky with the weather during my 2.5 weeks in Scotland – there were only 3 days of rain! One of those days was my birthday, the day I went to see the Highland Games in Loch Lomond. It was raining off and on, most of the day, but I’m still really glad I went.


^ Caber toss

^ Scottish hammer throw

^ Tug O’War


^ Weight over the bar


Of course the ever-present bagpipers

My favorite part – I was too slow to snap a picture, but the prizes for those who didn’t get a trophy were bottles of whiskey. They really love their whiskey.


I spent another day in Loch Lomond, and luckily the weather was gorgeous.

In my rented car I explored the lakeshore (lochshore?), including the town of Luss:


I also did a 2.5mi RT hike up to Conic Hill on the other side of the loch:

Followed by a nice shepherd’s pie for a late lunch, and on to my next overnight stop…

Oh, but my GPS took me right by Doune Castle (filming location for Outlander and Monty Python and the Holy Grail) – as luck would have it, I showed up at 4:55pm and I was the last person they let in before closing! I only had 30 minutes to see the castle but I made it work!


^ The kitchen, complete with giant stone oven, and marks made by generations of cooks sharpening their knives on the walls.

^ The great hall, used for dining. The best part is the privy off to the left, only for the lord and his VIP guests to use. Because everyone wants to take a dump where all the guests can hear you while they eat dinner!

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