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by Erin Elaine

The food of Lima, Peru (July ’16)

Being a coastal city, Lima is known for its great ceviche – raw fish (usually white fleshed ocean fish) cured in lime juice and flavored with chili peppers, cilantro, and onions. I think it’s absolutely delicious. It tastes fresh, yet spicy, and the texture is pleasant (like sushi).


More about ceviche later…..

Let’s do a chocolate detour!


Choco Museum – I took a “Bean to Bar” chocolate-making class and it was so fun! We got to taste the pulp, which was sweet and fruity. We got to roast the beans, shell them, and grind them. Then we made hot chocolate and chocolate bars!

It was delicious fun!!

Okay, back to ceviche.

Below are pictures from my meal at La Mar Cebichería – the best meal of my life, and the 2nd highlight of my trip, after the Inca Trail.

This restaurant is consistently rated as among the 5 best in Lima and the 20 best in all of Latin America. (That alone should be a clue as to the caliber of Lima’s restaurants.) I started with a Coca Sour to drink, and a tasting platter of their 3 star ceviches, all very tasty. My main course was marinated grilled octopus on mashed potatoes. It was the best octopus I’ve ever had. Soooo tasty and tender. For dessert I had a small portion of Suspiro Limeña, which was like a dulce de leche pudding with a meringue topping. And a cappuccino. I was there for 2 full hours and I didn’t want to leave! I left a big tip and floated out of the restaurant on cloud nine.


If you go to Lima and don’t pay a visit to one of their world-class restaurants, you’re really missing out.

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