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by Erin Elaine

Lima, Peru (Jul 2016) – Chorillos and Barranco

Trying to walk to Barranco and also see the beaches, we cut down to the shore next to Miraflores – I wouldn’t recommend this as it involved crossing a multi-lane highway…

The crabs were my favorite part! We wandered along the shoreline for a few miles, accidentally walking past Barranco, our destination. We arrived by Playa de Pescadores (Fishermen’s Beach).

There we had some delicious ceviche to refuel before course-correcting and heading for Barranco.

It was cute, but tiny (only a couple square blocks) and fairly abandoned while we were there. Only a few shops were open and only a few people were around outside the one public square.


Upon arriving back in Miraflores, I spent some more time with cats:


In the evening I went to go see a light show at a park downtown.


My 3rd and last Lima post will be totally dedicated to FOOD!

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