Erin Explores

by Erin Elaine

Maui, Hawaii (Dec ’14) [part 2]

By far my favorite part of the whole trip was the Road to Hana. It’s a 64-mile stretch of cliffside highway, and there are about 640 curves along the way.


There are 59 bridges, 46 of which are just a single lane! You really have to make sure you yield when directed!


When on the Road to Hana, the journey truly is the destination. There are entire guidebooks devoted to all the attractions along the way, from waterfalls to botanical gardens to bamboo forests and fruit stands. I stopped at lots of these, so my one-way trip took about 7 hours. In between stops I looked at the scenery and enjoyed the wind in my hair with the Wrangler’s top down. After this trip, if you ask me what my dream car is, I’d probably say a Wrangler.

Finally I arrived in Hana and spent some time at a stunning black sand beach.

I also visited a neat red sand beach and saw a big banyan tree.

The next day I spent some time in old town Lahaina with an even bigger banyan tree…

I also went whale watching since winter is a great time to see humpback whales off Maui’s west coast. I didn’t get any pictures myself, since you could never tell when a whale was about to breach until it was already happening. I did get a great joke out of it, however! What do you call a whale that’s just given birth? De-calf-inated!

Finally I flew back to Honolulu, and from there to Seattle. I would love to come back to Maui one day!

Here are the rest of my Road to Hana pictures.

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