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by Erin Elaine

Oslo, Norway (July 2014)

I only had 1 full day (2 nights) in Oslo, but I made the most of it.

I went to the Folk Museum, which is an outdoor museum of actual authentic old buildings from all around Norway that were carefully reconstructed here. There are even actors in period costume going about their business (chopping wood, fetching water from the well) as if you weren’t there.

This is where I learned that Norwegians haven’t always been tall…

And had a look inside a beautiful stave church.

I also visited the Viking Ship Museum, showcasing 3 Viking ships that were buried over 1,000 years ago.

I saw the rest of the city from the land and water.

Rest of my pictures…

3 comments on “Oslo, Norway (July 2014)

  1. Ruta Travels
    August 11, 2015

    Hi Erin – I just went to Oslo too. Even though there are no fjords, the city has so much to offer. I enjoyed the museum Fram a lot. Exploring the original ship Nansen and Amunsen sailed to Arctic waters with was amazing! 🙂 Are you living in Spain at the moment? I see you rather have posts from another countries recently.
    – Ruta

    • Erin Elaine
      August 11, 2015

      No, I moved back to the states a year ago. I still love Spain so much though!

      • Ruta Travels
        August 13, 2015

        Erin – I must say that the title of your blog confused me a bit. Also, have loads to catch up with your blog. See you around.
        – Ruta

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