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by Erin Elaine

Nærøyfjord, Norway (July 2014)

Nærøyfjord means “Narrow Fjord”, and it’s named that for good reason. The walls rise 1400m above the water, and some parts of the fjord are only 500m wide. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

I was able to see this beautiful natural landscape by making a booking with Norway In A Nutshell. It’s a combination of bus, ferry, and train, to showcase the best of the fjords. The Nærøyfjord is seen from a 2-hr ferry ride.

I’m not sure my descriptions can really do this place justice. I sat on the open air deck, the wind in my hair as the ferry made its way along the fjord. New hills and mountains kept appearing around the bends. I gazed at waterfalls hundreds of feet above my head. Sometimes the walls of the fjord seemed so close to us, and sometimes a new summit would peak out at us and then disappear again. I was constantly surprised and in awe.

2 comments on “Nærøyfjord, Norway (July 2014)

  1. James Scott
    July 26, 2015

    great gallery

  2. Rupali
    July 26, 2015


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