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by Erin Elaine

Stari Grad Hvar (Sail Croatia Part III)

The morning before going to Stari Grad, there was a storm, which meant no swim stop. We all took seasickness pills and tried to distract ourselves. Eventually the weather improved as we approached Stari Grad, but my stomach and vision didn’t completely settle for the rest of the day.

Thankfully, Stari Grad was beautiful enough to make up for that.

“Stari Grad” means Old Town, and this town definitely is that! The majority of what we saw was medieval, but there’s plenty around that’s older than that. It’s even a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It’s a really beautiful town with really picturesque stone buildings and ivy growing all over. I like that it felt really lived-in, not all converted to knick-knack shops. There seemed to be lots of residences, though not all were occupied.

We even saw this cat napping on the shutters of a 2nd-story window!

The harbor was a really nice place for a stroll. Thankfully I was wearing capris because it flooded very suddenly.

I ended my day with a delicious dinner of steak with fig sauce. The outdoor seating area was a converted backyard, so the floor was grass. So nice and summery and relaxing!


I had a great time in Stari Grad. Don’t forget to check out my pictures from Mljet and Korčula!

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