Erin Explores

by Erin Elaine

Moving (back) across an ocean

Yes, I am alive.

I returned to WA on July 31st and the culture shock hasn’t been too bad, but it’s definitely there.

I’ve spent my time hanging out with friends and family. Its really nice to be back and see everyone again. Sometimes it feels like I never left at all, other times it feels like I’m going back to an old life I’d forgotten about. I moved in to my new apartment in Ellensburg yesterday, and today I’m unpacking so many things I’d forgotten I owned.

Staff training and school will be starting soon, plus unpacking, so I’ll be pretty busy for the foreseeable future. My goal is to start writing posts about my final 5-week Europe trip in about a month, so watch for those.

For now, here’s a couple pictures of downtown Ellensburg I took today. I didn’t want to stay out too long because it smelled so smokey outside (wildfires).




If you follow my blog for travel posts, please don’t stop! I’ll have pictures from Seattle soon, plus a local hot air balloon festival, and I’m planning trips to Hawaii and Boston for later this year, and Europe next summer.

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