Erin Explores

by Erin Elaine

Things I Will Miss About España

  • Paella and other yummy Spanish food.
  • Speaking Spanish. Sometimes I feel useless, sometimes I feel brilliant, but it’s always a great learning experience.
  • The Metro!! Oh, the metro. I love it so much. Cheap, fast, easy, reliable. I’m not looking forward to traffic, parking, gas, designated drivers, etc. What a nightmare. If I could transport one thing from Madrid to the US, it would be the metro.
  • Dancing until 4am with coworkers at the clubs, then walking home and noticing that the sky is hinting at dawn – dark spots interspersed with white clouds – at the end of March. Dancing to Elvis and Micheal Jackson and Queen and Spanish classics.
  • Delicious and super cheap wine.
  • Hanging clothes on the line to dry, and finding them bone dry 3 hours later.
  • Cute yet classy fashion. There are way more choices for ages 25-35 than in the US.
  • FIGS!!!! So delicious.
  • Euros. The color-coding makes everything so much easier. I’m not looking forward to uniformly green money.
  • The weather! Hardly any rain, warm temperatures from mid-April to late October. I’ve definitely gotten used to it and I’m not looking forward to the rain in Western Washington.
  • Meeting people from so many different places. They call the US a melting pot but I never met many people from other countries while there. But in Europe I feel like I’m constantly meeting people from all over (and not just Europe – other countries, too!)
  • Being surrounded by so much history. Colosseum, Alhambra, Berlin Wall, Eiffel Tower. I love how they actually preserve old buildings here, rather than tearing them down.

I’m sure there are a ton more that aren’t occurring to me at the moment. I’ll probably make a new list after I’ve been back in the US a month or so.

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