Erin Explores

by Erin Elaine

One Week Left

A week from today, I’ll be spending my last night in my Madrid apartment, and then flying to Croatia the following morning. The goodbye will be a bit drawn-out as I travel around Europe for 5 weeks, but after that I’ll be moving back to Washington state and leaving Madrid behind.

It feels surreal to be leaving Madrid. I admit it doesn’t feel real yet. Am I in denial, or is change just hard to contemplate before it happens? Will I feel reverse culture shock? Will I feel depressed and be tempted to jump on a plane back? Will I make new friends in my new town?

Madrid has been so good to me for 2 years. It’s strange to think I won’t be able to think of it as home anymore. What is home, anyway? I think this last week here might be equally as strange as my first week here. I feel like I’m bobbing on the waves, and I have an anchor, but the line hasn’t tightened yet.

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