Erin Explores

by Erin Elaine

Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

For the second half of my nine-day Semana Santa, I was on Gran Canaria with three friends. It was nice to have a mix of me-time and social-time on this vacation. We spent most of our time relaxing on the beach during the day, and drinking and talking during the evenings. One day we even went on a jeep trek to see the mountainous interior of the island – so fun!

We were staying in Playa del Ingles, in the south of the island. We didn’t pay for a sea view, but because we had a corner room, we randomly got a sea view! Awesome free perk!


The first night there, we went out to a nice restaurant and had some delicious fresh seafood. I ordered the seared sea bass (cooked to perfection and full of flavor) with a side of saffron rice (yum yum yum). It was a wonderful meal.


Down at the beach it was so sunny and breezy, and a perfect temperature in the mid 70s F.

Our jeep trek, full of twisty turns, breathtaking mountain views, and fun bumpy roads:

We cooked yummy group meals in our kitchen, we had long talks about our lives, we enjoyed some daydrinking by/in the pool (god I love being a grown-up) and we saw a lot of beautiful natural landscapes. It was such a great blend of fun and relaxing.

We even went clubbing one night!

On our last day, Vicki and I went for a walk through the Maspalomas Dunes. I didn’t take pictures because I was afraid of the dust getting in my camera, but it was such an incredible and unique place to see! It was a windy day and the sand was skirting over the tops of the dunes, and at one point Vicki and I were standing stock still just staring at it for about 5 minutes. It looked like nothing else I’d ever seen before. These shadowy, ghostly shapes were sliding over the surface, like snakes or a herd of tiny horses, tangling around each other and moving away. If you looked behind yourself, your footprints would be covered in a short period of time by the oncoming dust. It was an interesting contrast – walking along the beach your footprints are covered by waves of water, walking along the dunes your footprints are covered by gracefully-moving dust.

Here is a video of the dunes, though it doesn’t capture the effect at all. Still amazing to see! Watch it full screen.

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