Erin Explores

by Erin Elaine

Books read in the last 3 months

I’ve become a book reading machine! I have re-discovered my love for reading, and the kindle makes it incredibly easy to read anywhere.

Running for My Life: One Lost Boy’s Journey from the Killing Fields of Sudan to the Olympic Games
Lopez Lomong

The Book Thief
Markus Zusak

Wild (From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail)
Cheryl Strayed

Pump Six and Other Stories
Paolo Bacigalupi

Harry Potter y la piedra filosofal
J.K. Rowling

Pines (The Wayward Pines Series, Book One)
Blake Crouch

Wayward (The Wayward Pines Series, Book Two)
Blake Crouch

The Worst Hard Time: The Untold Story of Those Who Survived the Great American Dust Bowl
Timothy Egan

Memoir of an Independent Woman: An Unconventional Life Well Lived
Tania Grossinger

The Rabid: A Post Apocalyptic Thriller
J.V. Roberts

The Fault in Our Stars
John Green

The Kings and Queens of Roam: A Novel
Daniel Wallace

The Scavenger’s Daughters (Tales of the Scavenger’s Daughters, Book One)
Kay Bratt

A Dog’s Purpose
W. Bruce Cameron

The Shoemaker’s Wife
Adriana Trigiani

The Dirty Parts of the Bible — A Novel
Sam Torode

All Creatures Great and Small
James Herriot

When I Found You
Catherine Ryan Hyde

Hyperbole and a Half: Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanisms, Mayhem, and Other Things That Happened
Allie Brosh

The Rosie Project: A Novel
Graeme Simsion

Harry Potter y la cámara secreta
J.K. Rowling

Total cost: $86.04 (or an average of $4.09 per book)

My favorite, out of all of these?

adogspurpose A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron
This is an incredibly touching book, told from the point of view of man’s best friend. As a dog person, this book was incredibly engaging. Throughout the narrative, this dog learns about the human world and their purpose within it. A few pages almost brought me to tears. If you give this book a chance you’ll love it.

One day Maya and Mama and all of the brothers and sisters and other family members came together in a big building and sat quietly while I demonstrated a new trick I’d been taught, which was to walk very slowly down a narrow path between wooden benches, mount some carpeted stairs, and stand patiently while Al removed something from a small pack I carried on my back. Then everyone sat and admired me while Maya and Al had a conversation. Maya was wearing a big fluffy outfit, so I knew we weren’t going to the park to play afterward, but that was okay because everyone seemed so glad at how well I’d done the trick. Mama even cried, she was so happy.

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