Erin Explores

by Erin Elaine

Copenhagen, Denmark (July 2013)

As of yet, Copenhagen is the farthest north I’ve been in Europe. It’s a very clean and beautiful city, and I enjoyed my 2 short days here. The weather was beautiful, bikes were everywhere, and I had a wonderful afternoon nap in a sunny park.

This is about 94 Euros or 129 US dollars.

Below is Nyhavn, a very cute area about 3 blocks long that isn’t representative of the rest of the city:

Yummy sushi!

There were bikes everywhere! I was so amazed by this. Thousands and thousands were parked at various bike-parking areas in the city center. I saw more bikes in my 2 days here than I normally would in a year in Bellingham. Little did I know that I’d see even more bikes in Amsterdam.

Pretty typical - ten bikers waiting at a red light.

Pretty typical – ten bikers waiting at a red light.

I visited a neighborhood called Christiania, which is kind of an alternate-living commune. They claim to be self-governed and independent of the EU. It was pretty interesting to see. Some of the pictures below aren’t mine.

I had to go see the Little Mermaid statue…

I also happened upon an exhibition of giant sand sculptures, which was great.

I also took an extremely relaxing and refreshing afternoon nap in the sun.

After two days, I hopped another night train to Amsterdam. Can you tell I’m starting to crack a little? LOL.

Next up, Amsterdam! Tied with Gimmelwald as my favorite stop along the trip, with Berlin as a runner up.

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