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by Erin Elaine

Rhine Region (Heidelberg and Bacharach)

After Switzerland I headed to Heidelberg for a day…

After a day there, I headed to Bacharach for two days. I loved it there! It was such a cute old quaint town. The place I ate lunch at the first day was built in 1368!! And it’s still standing! Mind-blowing.

The medieval castle overlooking the town has been turned into a hostel, so I slept there both nights. They had overbooked the communal rooms so they upgraded me to a private room! That never happens unless you book ahead. It was a nice surprise. What a view!

On the second day I took a river cruise north to see more castles. It felt like there was a new castle every few minutes. This might possibly be the most castle-dense area in the world. It was beautiful, and I also loved being able to see all the vineyards along the river. This region is known for it’s amazing white wine. I tried some while here and it was delicious. That’s a real compliment from someone who always chooses red wine over white.

The Rhine Region was a great stop on my trip! What other wine regions would you recommend I visit?

2 comments on “Rhine Region (Heidelberg and Bacharach)

  1. Damien Wijerathne
    October 16, 2013

    wow beautiful photos 🙂

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