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I love my new Kindle Paperwhite!


I had been considering buying a tablet or e-reader ever since I realized how much I had been reading over the summer on my tiny smartphone using the kindle app. I really enjoy reading, and my smartphone just wasn’t cutting it.

I eventually decided on a Kindle Paperwhite over a regular tablet for a few reasons. 1- Tablets can’t be read in bright sunshine or in the dark, 2- I hate having to constantly charge things, and the battery life of the kindle is measured in weeks rather than hours, 3- I don’t need a second device with all the same apps I already have on my smartphone. I’m not that attached to being plugged-in 24/7. I just want to read a good book without email alerts or facebook alerts popping up and interrupting me.

My new Kindle Paperwhite arrived on Thursday, and I was immediately in love with it. It is so easy and intuitive to use. I can tell I’m going to be reading a ton of books this year.


  • Physical device: I think it’s just the right size. It fits comfortably in your hand, it’s incredibly light and thin, but it feels sturdy and long-lasting. I bought the case as well, which handily wakes the device up when you open the cover, and puts it to sleep when you close the cover.
  • Lighting: The lighting provides incredible contrast and is very easy on the eyes. I can read in bright sunlight or in a pitch black room with no issues. It makes it the perfect anytime anywhere companion.
  • Semi-matte screen: Another big plus over tablets. In bright sunlight there is absolutely no glare whatsoever. In an artificially-lit room there is a slight glare, but it’s not distracting. Also, it doesn’t collect fingerprints! No wiping down the screen all the time! I love that it always looks clean.
  • Reading experience and usability: It’s so nice being able to read without distracting menus constantly visible. Yet at a single touch the menu is available. You can change the font size or the brightness with only 3 clicks total.
  • Cool special features:
    • Definition look-up: Just click and hold a word for 1 second and the definition pops up from the pre-installed dictionary, no internet connection needed. I also decided to buy a Spanish-English translation dictionary for $5, and now I can read books in Spanish and learn new words as I go, no need to pull out a dictionary, I can just click the word. I think this is going to help me learn a ton of new Spanish words.
    • Vocabulary Builder: The Kindle saves all the words you’ve looked up in a list, and you can even view them as flashcards! Another great feature for learning a foreign  language. This is going to get a lot of usage from me.
    • Time Left in Chapter: While reading, a single click can show you how much time is left in the current chapter, based on tracking your reading speed. I think this will be super handy when I read on the train to work, so I can see if I have time to finish a chapter before I get to work, or to help me figure out if it’s worth starting the next chapter or waiting.
    • X-Ray: Shows you every instance of a particular word. If you don’t remember much about a certain character, or a certain place, this feature can help refresh your memory.
    • Wikipedia: If you click on a word and a simple definition isn’t enough for you, you can also view part of the wikipedia article, assuming you’re connected to the internet. This is great for reading scientific texts, or history books with tons of different city names and events being thrown at you constantly.
    • Goodreads integration: This feature will be coming soon, and I’m looking forward to it.

    In all, I’m really loving my Kindle. Ever since June I’ve been taking advantage of the Daily Deals section of the kindle store, finding a book for $2 and giving it a shot. I’ve read so many books that I wouldn’t have otherwise read, and a lot of them have been really great. I might’ve even found a couple lifetime favorites. And if I end up not liking a book, I don’t feel an obligation to finish it. It’s a great way to read cheaply.

    If you’re considering buying an e-Reader, I would highly recommend the Kindle Paperwhite. And if you come to Spain you’ll fit right in! E-Readers are very popular here.

    One comment on “I love my new Kindle Paperwhite!

    1. almcgough
      October 13, 2013

      I totally agree! I have a regular Kindle, no keyboard or touch screen, that I was given as a gift before coming to Spain. It’s been a life saver since I’m an avid reader and have a 50 minute commute by train to work everyday. I love mine!

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