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Three weeks without sugar

It’s been three weeks since I stopped eating all artificial sugar. Read my earlier entry about why. Three weeks in and I feel great!

The first two or three days were the hardest, I kept thinking “Do I really want to do this? I like sugar. Maybe this is too drastic.” But I kept thinking about why I needed to do it, and I stuck with it.

Between day four and day fourteen, I knew I was going to stick with it, and my cravings had waned a bit, but I still had to remind myself to break old habits. Taking a piece of candy when someone brought it in to the faculty room used to be a habit, so I almost grabbed one out of habit. But once I remembered it had sugar in it I didn’t want it anymore, and it was easy to walk away.

Between day fourteen and day twenty-one, my cravings have essentially completely disappeared. Candy, cookies, pop – they simply aren’t things I want anymore. It makes this so much easier to stick with!

Sugar is by far one of the most harmful parts of the Western diet. Sugar (including HFC) and trans fats are basically the worst things to put in one’s body. So I know that this is making me healthier even though it’s not immediately apparent on the outside.

In terms of my energy level, I’m feeling miles better. Eating sugar used to feel like a rollercoaster, a little burst of energy followed by tiredness and headaches. No more of that. This is also reducing my risk of gallstones, and fatty liver disease. In addition, I don’t know if I had a little leptin resistance before, but if I did, cutting out sugar would stop that.

My clothes feel a little bit looser. Not bad for only three weeks and not changing my activity level. When it comes down to it I’m not doing this to lose weight. That is a false measure of health that the diet industry convinces people is important because it makes them rich.

I know most people follow this blog to read about my experiences living in Spain and traveling around Europe, so I won’t post about this too often. But this is also my personal blog, and this is a big accomplishment in my personal life, so I will occasionally mention it. I hope it’s at least a little bit interesting! My next post will be about Pompeii. 🙂

One comment on “Three weeks without sugar

  1. frankieandgiuseppe
    September 28, 2013

    Congratultions and good luck! Do you think you’ll slowly reintroduce a little sugar into your diet at some point?

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