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In the 5th row for my first West End experience

When I was in London (near the end of June) I knew I wanted to see some theater (theatre), but I didn’t have any particular play in mind. Should I see Wicked? Should I see We Will Rock You, the Queen musical? Should I see something I’d never heard of, to go in with no expectations?

Then, I saw an ad for a play starring Daniel Radcliffe, called The Cripple of Inishmaan. It was his first time performing on the West End, and I just happened to be in London at the right time, so I knew I couldn’t pass up this chance. Even though I was told tickets would be hard to get, I had to try. Turns out, I was able to get a day-of ticket for my last night in London. It was expensive, yeah, but it was absolutely worth it to be in the 5th row. It was a single seat by the aisle, and the entire theater was filled, so I think being alone in this case was a huge benefit. Otherwise I might not have been able to get tickets at all.

When I showed up and found my seat, I was pretty stunned by how close I was to the stage. And when the play started, I knew I’d made the right choice. This play is downright hilarious. The audience lost it laughing over and over. I absolutely loved it. All of the actors were superb, with excellent comedic timing and genuine emotion. Aside from the Killers concert, this was the best thing I saw in London. Here is a professional review for anyone who is interested.


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