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by Erin Elaine

Reflecting on this summer… Looking forward to this year…

I had a really busy summer! I visited 9 countries, 6 of those for the first time. I saw a ton of beautiful places, and had so many wonderful new experiences. Travel makes you feel alive like nothing else can, and I really had an amazing summer.

I also spent 2 and a half weeks in Washington state visiting family and friends and eating lots of spicy food that’s almost impossible to find in Spain.

Now, I’m finally back in Spain and ready to relax. Except, wait, I have to start work in a week. Ha!

So basically my summer was completely filled to the brim with happiness, in the form of traveling for 6 weeks and then seeing family and friends for six weeks. No actual lazing about. And now work is about to start. But that’s okay! I think I had a great summer.

Hopefully soon I’ll start making posts about where I went. It’s just a bit daunting to think about. Now that I’m home I want to relax. But I’ll start it sooner or later. 😉

One comment on “Reflecting on this summer… Looking forward to this year…

  1. Traveling Cats
    September 3, 2013

    What a busy summer. Looking forward to seeing pictures of all that.
    By the way, I just posted your cat pictures from Italy on my blog.

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