Erin Explores

by Erin Elaine

Copenhagen bike culture

I don’t think its exaggeration to say I might have seen more bikes today than in my entire life combined.

Pretty much every street has nice wide bike lanes. They respect all the traffic laws, cars give them space. They don’t ride on the sidewalk, they don’t endanger pedestrians. Pedestrians allow them to do their thing, they check for bikes before they cross the street. Lots of bike racks everywhere. Many bikes also have internal locks, basically turning a key freezes them, and then they’re left wherever there’s room.

Street vendors on bikes. Rickshaw taxis. Bikes for carting your small kids around. And everyone is so mature about it. They ding their little bells politely. No show offs wishing they were on a mountain biking trail. No road rage.

Anyone living in a hipster paradise in the US who thinks their city has a bike culture, has never been to Denmark.

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