Erin Explores

by Erin Elaine

Cinque Terre (last stop in Italy, March 2013)

SAM_2511b SAM_2540b

The Cinque Terre are five tiny towns on the Italian Riviera, all squeezed tightly between the sea and the cliffside vineyards. Half a dozen stairways wind up the hills, serving as the streets between the pastel-colored buildings. For hundreds of years, the residents have made their living off the sea (fishing) and the hills (growing grapes for wine). Within the past couple generations, cliffside pathways have been created to link the five towns. The area is also protected as a national park. We only saw 2 of the towns, Vernazza and Manarola, but we loved them both. There is simply something breathtaking about standing at the shore and craning your neck up to see all the modge-podge of houses balancing on the hills, while waves crash behind you and you try to eat your gelato before it melts.

The first day in Vernazza was a bit cold and foggy…
DSC00756b SAM_2430b

But all the fresh seafood at dinner was amazing. One of the specialties of this area is the fresh anchovies, so I made sure to order some of those. They were superb!
SAM_2426b SAM_2429b

Grandma and Richard got a little too close to the incoming waves! No harm done, just some wet clothes and big smiles.
SAM_2449b DSC00762b

I hiked partway up from Vernazza to watch the sunset, it was beautiful and I was completely alone up there. I guess I have more confidence in my night-vision than other people do.
SAM_2461b SAM_2470bSAM_2475b

The next morning we went to Manarola, and dragged Grandma up a huge hill to see the vineyards up close and gaze down at the adorable town.
SAM_2498b SAM_2499b
018b SAM_2500b

Followed by some delicious pesto pizza! Pesto is also a specialty of this area. It’s so incredibly fresh and flavorful. Pesto in the US is a lot more garlic-heavy, because the basil loses its flavor when it’s processed for shelf stability. But the pesto here is so basil-y, I loved it.

For the afternoon, we headed back to Vernazza to enjoy the sunshine and watch the waves come in…
SAM_2551b SAM_2553b

We met a local cat who was sunning himself on a local fishing boat.

We wandered through the windy stairs/streets one final time.

And Richard and I climbed up the path from Vernazza to enjoy a great view of the town.

And with that, our Italy trip was over! I can’t wait to return for almost 2 weeks this summer. Ciao!

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