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Luxembourg City, UNESCO World Heritage Site

View from the old town.

Originally I was going to Luxembourg to see a Killers concert, but they canceled it the day before due to illness. I guess I’ll have to travel somewhere else to see them! Nonetheless, it was nice to see Luxembourg. It’s a very beautiful city.

I flew into Charleroi in Belgium, since it was the cheapest place to fly to, and there was a cheap 2-hour bus straight from the airport into Luxembourg City.

At the airport, an American guy (pretty attractive, I might add) approached me and after being relieved he didn’t have to try to speak French, he asked me if I knew how to get to Dortmund, Germany. Turns out he was going to say hi to a girl he met in Rome. After 6 months in Europe, my surprise-o-meter has become less sensitive. It was like Of course you flew from Scotland to Belgium to go visit a girl in Germany who you met in Rome. Of course. Why wouldn’t you? Anyway, we spoke for a few more minutes and then I showed him where the info desk was, so I hope he got the info he needed and was able to make it to Dortmund.

Grund, the area by the river.

Grund, the area by the river.

Luxembourg is a very beautiful and CLEAN city. Almost spotless. Every coin I received was so shiny I wasn’t really sure it was real. The people I met were very nice, and the weather was decent.

The main attraction of the city (and the reason it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site) is the Casemates Bock, an underground maze carved into the stone of the plateau beneath the city. There were originally endless miles of tunnels intended to defend the city against invaders. For hundreds of years it was essentially impregnable. You could fire a cannon from a small hole in the side of the cliff, then retreat into the safety of the tunnels before the enemies outside had time to count how many limbs they’d just lost.

Casemates Bock

Casemates Bock

A lot of my time was just spent wandering, enjoying the mostly pedestrianized old town, window shopping, and taking in the scenery. For all my pictures, see below.

One comment on “Luxembourg City, UNESCO World Heritage Site

  1. TBM
    March 13, 2013

    Looks beautiful! Sorry to hear about the concert. We travel a lot to see Pearl Jam. last summer we saw them in Manchester, Berlin, Oslo, and Copenhagen. It was the first time I planned a two week trip around PJ. But it was a blast and we got to see some beautiful places.

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