Erin Explores

by Erin Elaine

Saturday afternoon

SAM_1864bThis has been a pretty good Saturday. We’ve had spring-like weather all week and I’m glad it’s continued into the weekend. First I went to the local market, it’s open 6 days a week but I usually only go on Saturdays when more stalls are open. This picture is from last week, I had to take a picture of those beautiful and perfectly ripe strawberries. They were incredibly juicy – in February! Today I bought some that were just as ripe, for even cheaper. The ones I bought today came out to about $2.29 per pound. Not too bad! I also love that I can choose between so many stalls, so I don’t have to buy half-ripe food because I can just walk to the next stall over. I can’t do that back home at a Fred Meyers. Anyway, after the market, I had coffee with a friend, then cleaned my room a little and practiced my Spanish. Later today I might go for a walk in the sun and then prepare a geography lesson plan for next week. And of course strawberries for dessert today. 🙂

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