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by Erin Elaine

Opening Doors

In exactly 1 week, next Wednesday evening, I will be on a plane to Lisbon (Lisboa) in Portugal for my 4-day weekend.

I am so so excited for this trip, every time I think about it I can’t help smiling. I just have this feeling that I’m going to completely fall in love with the city. Usually when I trust my gut it turns out to be right.

Before getting this job in Spain, I can honestly say I never would have considered traveling to Portugal. I didn’t have anything against it, but if I had made a wishlist of all the places in the world I wanted to travel to, Portugal wouldn’t even have made the top 25 countries. And yet, in a week I will be there and I couldn’t be more excited.

Living in Spain has opened doors that wouldn’t be open if I were simply traveling to Europe, even if I had a full summer break to explore. I suppose the same could be said about any other continent. If I were to plan a trip to South America, there are probably 5-6 countries I would like to see. But if I were living there, I would probably visit every single country. I would see places I’d never considered going, and I’d love every minute of it.

I’m already planning my Europe-by-train trip for this summer. Originally it was going to be about 28 days, but now it’s ballooned to about 40, and many of the places on my list are places I never would have considered visiting before I got this job.

Now I’m rambling, but anyway, I’m excited for Lisboa! 🙂

2 comments on “Opening Doors

  1. Orange Pumpkin
    November 28, 2012

    I lived in Lisboa for 5 years, and I learned that like every other city it’s beautiful in it’s own way but then again, I am portuguese 🙂
    Hope you like it, and make the most of it, there are a lot of beautiful places to see!

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