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by Erin Elaine

Tapas at Lizarran!

At Lizarran for tapas. On the bar were a bunch of glass cases with tapas you could just grab. At the end they count the toothpicks to see how much you owe. They were all little 3-bite arrangements on bread. Some of them were more conventional than others. Lots with different sausages, cheeses, one with chicken, one with some yummy salmon, a few with just fruit. This one in front was some kind of anchovie or sardine, a very strong and yummy cheese, and chocolate sauce. I couldn’t even taste the fish but the idea was kind of odd. For the record I didn’t realize there was chocolate sauce on it until after I had bitten in to it. It was, a good night though! Glad to see some friends. And the cañas were only 0.70€! (It’s a small beer, probably 8 or 10 oz).

One comment on “Tapas at Lizarran!

  1. JT
    November 8, 2012


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