Erin Explores

by Erin Elaine

School and Politics

I’ve been a little surprised and quite impressed with the overt political awareness at my school (and in Spain in general).

There are signs all around the school that translate to “Wear green on Tuesdays to defend public schools!” and I’ve seen a few faculty with green t-shirts with the slogan “Public Schools – From All, For All” (rough translation).

Today, tomorrow, and the next day the students at my school are striking, or at least most of them are. I’m slightly surprised at the faculty support for the action, but maybe I shouldn’t be. Most teachers are voluntarily postponing tests. And I haven’t heard any faculty say anything negative about the strike. They know that the students are protesting the education cuts, and the faculty are also obviously against education cuts.

The older students (whom I don’t teach) seem to be 100% striking, less so with the younger students. But I had a few 7th graders who were on strike today, and a little over half of the 8th graders. I imagine tomorrow there will be even less students in class, since so many of their classmates were striking today.

(I do still have to come to work, because a few students still come to each class).

Expect more updates on politics as I learn more throughout the year. It is something that is very complicated and sensitive, so I don’t want to assume too much.

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