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Email to my high school History teacher

Earlier today I sent this email to my former high school History teacher:

Mr. Hancock,

You may not remember me, but I took US History and AP Human Geography from you at Kamiak. I’m just emailing to say I really enjoyed your classes a lot, they were my favorite classes in high school. Your classes also helped me decide to take a few History classes in college and eventually major in History and then get my Masters in Secondary Ed at WWU.

Right now I’ve just begun teaching Social Studies and English in Madrid, Spain! I’m having a really great time so far and I just wanted you to know that you played a part in the direction my life has taken, so thank you!


I just received this response:


You are most welcome and thank you for bringing a smile to my face. When did you earn your Master’s from WWU? My daughter-in-law earned hers in June of 2012.

Thanks for including your current location. I want to ask, why there?

Stephen (We are professional colleagues.)

I’ve been meaning to send that email for many months, and it feels good to finally do so. I’m glad to have brought a smile to his face, and the part about being professional colleagues makes me feel a bit proud.

3 comments on “Email to my high school History teacher

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  2. dirtdaubber
    November 2, 2012

    I. also teach abroad. Try Morocco next!!

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