Erin Explores

by Erin Elaine

Things are settling down…

I have officially been in Madrid for almost 10 days now and I am having such a great time! A lot has happened since my last entry, so keep reading to find out about the apartment I just got, how my job is going, exploring the city, and meeting new friends!

Today I officially got an apartment! Technically it’s a room in a shared apartment, or piso compartido as they call it here. It’s in a neighborhood called Embajadores, which is about a 7-10 minute walk directly south of Sol, the center of the whole city. The streets immediately surrounding the apartment are pretty quiet, hardly any cars go there because there isn’t much parking. But it’s a very quick walk to the heart of the city. The apartment is also 2 blocks away from the Tirso de Molina subway stop, so that will be handy. And the Renfe, the commuter train that will take me out to Getafe to work, leaves from Sol, so it is a very convenient area for me to live in.

The apartment is a good size place. I will be sharing with a couple that is a bit older than I am, probably early 30s. The kitchen is a very good size, with a microwave and oven! Only about half of the places in Madrid have ovens. There are two bathrooms to share between us 3, so that is very nice. My room is a very comfortable size. It has a single bed and tons of closet/shelf space. It also has a desk that comes with it. And it has a BALCONY! I can’t believe I got so lucky as to have a balcony all to myself! The rent is 410 euros, which includes all utilities except electricity. This is completely affordable for me, less than 1/3rd of my monthly income, so I will have plenty extra for traveling. Plus I will be able to improve my Spanish by talking with my roommates! That was one of the main reasons I didn’t want to live with native English speakers.

I’ve been exploring the city a bit, and I love it, but now that I have an apartment and have started my job I will have a lot more time available to explore more. Watch for pictures soon!

My school is in Getafe, and what I’ve seen of the city so far I really like. It’s clean, with lots of trees. Everyone at the school has been super nice to me! I really feel like this is going to be a good fit. On Monday I will most likley get my timetable of what classes I’ll be teaching, and then Tuesday I’ll start in the classroom!

I’ve been spending a lot of time with the other teachers in my same program, and they have all been great! They all have a lot of wisdom to share and they are all being very nice and friendly to me, which makes this new country feel a lot more homey.

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