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by Erin Elaine

Flying to a new life

On my 2 flights from Seattle to Madrid, I saw 2 sunrises and 1 sunset over a period of 17 hours.

The first sunrise was happening just after we took off from Seattle. The entire horizon was lit up a deep, dark orange color, fading up to dark blue. It was beautiful, and so clear with my unobstructed birds-eye view. After a little while the orange got lighter and had a tinge of pink, which made the ground far below look purple. Slowly the dark blue sky got lighter and lighter until it was daytime. It made me really happy.

The sunset was a little while after leaving Chicago. It wasn’t particularly colorful, but it was very clear and calming.

The second sunrise was just as we were about to land in Madrid. I could see all the little clusters of lights from the suburbs surrounding Madrid (one of those is where my school is). Then the orange glow began at the horizon and the sky got lighter and lighter as we touched down in Madrid.

And just like that I was in my new home!

One comment on “Flying to a new life

  1. JT
    September 8, 2012

    muy bonita!

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